Vendor Signups 2021

Name Business Paid? Date Notes Food or Goods Vendor
Penny Baugher Fryzaholic Y- 3/1-pp Food Truck
Terri Younker Scentsy Y- 3/1-V 2 spots vendor
Cathy Wynkoop Cathys Closet/31 Bags Y- 3/7-pp vendor
Norman Pederson West by God Diamonds Y- 2/28-pp vendor
Melinda Robey Pink Zebra Y- 2/28-pp vendor
Connor Shank Pop Pops Kettlecorn Y- 3/2-pp food truck
Kelli Shawn Color Street *2019 vendor
Angela Griffen Boondoks BBQ Y- 3/5-pp Food Truck
Carol Romero Artesano Baked Goods Y- 3/2-pp **BACKED OUT vendor
Candace Fisher The Rustic Quilter Y- 3/2-pp vendor
Keaan Long-Martin Matco Tools Y- 3/2-pp 2 end spots vendor
Taylor Kinzer Funnel N Around Y- 3/6-pp food truck
Kelli Lichtenberg Sweet Roses Soap Y- 3/5-pp **BACKED OUT vendor
Brittany Wedd Discovery Station Y- 3/4-pp needs end spot vendor
Amber Green Avon/Polished Turtle Y- 3/2-pp vendor
Karen Welsh Backyard Chicks Y- 3/2-pp vendor
Kim Jackson Hope's Lemonade Y- 3/2-pp food truck
Melissa Cullers Made for You Crafts Y- 3/24-V put near Carley Shanholtz vendor
Carley Shanholtz Copper and Clay Y- 3/11-pp REFUNDED vendor
Matt Royer Kona Ice Y-3/1/ch food truck
Amanda Martz Pampered Chef Y-3/9-pp vendor
Heather Corbin Smithsburg Studio & Corbin Photos Y- 3/8-V 2 spots vendor
Renita Statler Fairview Creations Y-3/17-V vendor
Dana Kreigh Tastefully Simple Y-3/29-pp  ** due to our mixup, Jennifer Hart will be guaranteed this spot for next year free of charge. We had to remove her as this years vendor when we found out last years vendor did say she wanted the spot for this year. vendor
Jeff Paules Sweet Dreams Food Truck Y-3/21-ch food truck
Tracey Frey Traceys Etched glass Y-3/8-pp vendor
Melissa Rice Fierce Allstars Y-4/26-V vendor
Sharon Tyler Norwex *from 2019 vendor
Brianna Meyer Kosmerta *from 2019 vendor
Sydney Nave Sippin with Syd Y-5/17-pp emailed 5/8 about payment *pd vendor
Natalie Rudsill Pams Door decor Y-3/28-V ** BACKED OUT vendor
Jennifer Pierce Do You Bake Y- 3/29-V vendor
Theresa Wiles Wine Designs n More Y-3/30-pp **BACKED OUT vendor
Jessie Cowdrick Darcy's Y-4/1-pp vendor
Matt deming Fireside Pizza ch? emailed 5/8 about payment **BACKED OUT food truck
Shawn Reasoner Adelyn Jayne Y- 4/4-pp vendor
Dwayne Crow TLC Pony Rides Y- 4/7-ck 2 spots vendor
Jamie Fogle The Artists Pallet Hair Salon * gave donation Needs end spot vendor
Kristen Wilhelm Brights Unlimited Y- 4/6-pp * mom paid under her name, Bessie Cooper vendor
Nancy Conroy Threads 2 stitches Y- 4/10-pp threads 2 stictches and coppers collar must be next to each other- they are run by the same vendor and she will be in both booths vendor
Nancy Conroy Copper's Coller Y-4/14-pp vendor
Debbie Jump Perfectly Posh Y- 4/13-pp vendor
Wendy Hegedus Rustic Locked Box Y- 4/22-pp put on other side of ferrell custom creations vendor
Mary Ferrell Ferrell Custom Creations Y-4/22-V put next to t’s craziness vendor
Michelle Ebersol Paparazzi Y-4/22-pp vendor
Samantha Vazquez Love, Ari Bowtique Y-4/29/pp vendor
Devyn Shank Birch and Blossoms Y-mailed check vendor
Janet CRoss Daydreams and Dandelions Y-5/1-pp would like to be closest to the kidzone vendor
Tierra Carter T’s Craziness Y-5/4-pp put next to ferrell custom creations vendor
Kate Lucas Origami Owl Y- 5/7-pp vendor
Alicia McCrea Cutting Room Designs Y-5/13-pp vendor
Bethany Starkey Betts and Coops Boutique Y-5/11-V 3 spaces- bringing clothing trailer- needs end area vendor
Kathleen Cheslock Oh My Gocsh Y-5/15-ck vendor
Arthur Zoerman Memory Crafts Y-ck 3 spaces vendor
Gerald Terlitzky T's Tshirts Plus Y-5/10-pp put next to Sylvias Jewelry- they are a couple vendor
Silvia Terlitzkt Silvias Jewelry Y-5/10-pp put next to tshirts plus vendor
Jacob Owen JO Artz Y-5/21-pp spray paint artist- live demonstration- end spot vendor
Jennifer Welsh Jen's Gems ---- **from 2020 vendor
Michelle Canfield Holsinger for Sheriff Y-5/15-pp vendor
Emily Potts WACDTF Y-5/17-pp *washington area clinic defense task force vendor
Tammy Miller T&T Treasures Y-5/20-pp vendor
Dennis Fewell Just Country Stuff Y-5/18-pp 3 spots vendor
Jenna Smith Stuff N Things Y-5/31-pp vendor
Joette Dorosheff With You IN Mind Y-5/8-V vendor
Julie Dagenhart Jul's Crafts For Fun Y-5/24-pp vendor
Kerry Fair Partners in Care vendor
Diane Whitaker Tender Heart Creations Y-6/3-V vendor
Ashley Gilles Mindfully Made Y-6/1-PP vendor
Patrick Walsh Walsh Wellness Center Y-6/3-pp vendor
Tiffany Smith Farmasi Y- 6/3-pp

Info from the 2021 vendor page:

Vendors are first come, first serve. There will only be one vendor from an individual company: for example, one Scentsy table, one Tupperware table, etc..
If you are paying by check we will only hold your spot for 7 days, until payment is received. Payments are non-refundable due to weather or circumstances beyond our control (ex:covid) As vendors secure spots, they will be posted here.
All vendors get free advertising on our website in the rotating banner at the top of the site. We provide the banner.

Current Vendors:

  • Color Street
  • Scentsy
  • Pink Zebra
  • West by God Diamonds
  • Cathy's Closet- 31 Bags
  • Matco Tools
  • The Rustic Quilter
  • The Real Backyard Chicks of Washington County
  • Avon
  • The Polished Turtle
  • Discovery Station
  • Kosmerta
  • Norwex
  • Fierce Allstars Competitive Cheer
  • Tracey’s Etched Glass
  • The Smithsburg Studio & Heather Corbin Photos
  • Pampered Chef
  • Made for You Crafts
  • Tastefully Simple
  • Fairview Creations
  • Sippin with Syd/Traveling Vineyard
  • Do You Bake?
  • Darcy's
  • Adelynn Jayne
  • TLC Entertainment Pony Rides
  • The Artist’s Palette Hair Salon and Gallery
  •  Brights Unlimited
  • Threads 2 Stitches
  • Perfectly Posh
  • Copper’s Collar
  • The Rustic Locked Box
  • Ferrell Custom Creations
  • Paparazzi
  • Love, Ari Bowtique
  • Birch and Blossoms
  • Daydreams and Dandelions
  • T’s Craziness
  • Origami Owl
  • With You in Mind Wreaths
  • Cutting Room Designs
  • Betts and Coops Boutique
  • Oh My Gocsh, Babe Gifts
  • Memory Crafts
  • T's T-Shirts Plus
  • Silvia's Original Handcrafted Jewelry
  • JO Artz
  • CB Homemade Creations
  • T&T Treasures
  • Just Country Stuff
  • Stuff N Things Handmade Treasures
  • Jul's Crafts for Fun
  • Partners in Care
  • Tender Heart Creations
  • Mindfully Made
  • Fairview Creations
  • Farmasi
  • Walsh Wellness Center

Info from the 2021 food truck page:

Current Food Trucks: * there will be an overlap on some items between food trucks- that’s inevitable because of all the various menu items offered on different trucks. We are simply trying to avoid duplicate main themes- like 2 BBQ trucks. Payments are non-refundable due to weather or circumstances beyond our control (ex:covid)
We currently are good for bbq, fries, burgers, lemonade, kettle corn, and general carnival concessions. Still open for tacos, etc..

  • Pop Pop's Kettle Corn
  • Fryzaholic
  • Boondok's BBQ
  • Hope’s Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
  • Funnel N Around
  • Sweet Dreams Food Truck
  • Kona Ice